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Company overview

Company overview


Company Endo Co.,Ltd.
Address Tachiyagawa 2-485-10 Yamagata, Japan
Capital JPY 70million Yen
Established May,1961
President Satoshi Endo
Employees 100 people
  • Mother plant 2,654.13㎡
  • Second plant 1,919.25㎡
  • Mother plant 1,395.83㎡
  • Second plant 780.48㎡
Quality award
  • ISO9001 awarded in 2003
  • ISO14001 awarded in 2003



Address Unit13 Plot P-7, Thang Long Industrial Park, Dong Anh Dstrict, Hanoi, Vietnam
Capital JPY 30 million Yen
Established August 17,2012
President Satoshi Endo
Employees 100 people (2 Japanese)
Building 675.00㎡


Endo Co.,Ltd history

Founded in 1949 at Domachi,Yamagata city well know as casting products town. Started machine work of motor cover and incorporated in 1961 to start machining center to establish business fundamental from 1962.
We moved to Tachiyagawa,Yamagata city in 2006 and in 5 years, second factory was opened close to the mother plant.
A half century has past since establishment, we have generated the function to comply with customer needs and created the business structure to provide qualified and high volume products to our valuable business partners.

Corporate timeline

1961.05 Establishment of Endo Co.,Ltd.(Domachi,Yamagata city)
2003.08.15 ISO9001 qualified
2003.08.15 ISO14001 qualified
2006.12.1 H.Q, was moved to Tachiyagaya, Yamagata City
2011.03 Capital was increased to JPY 60 mil yen.
2011.07 Second plant at Tachiyagawa, Yamagata city was opened.
2012.08 Investment license to Vietnam was obtained.
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