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Second Plant

Supporting small lot, multi-products and development by second plant

We received numbers of orders for small lot but high technology, engineering samples from research institute and customer samples for new products development from corporate.
In order to comply with the requirements from the customer, Yasuda YBM640, high spec CNC machine as a example and other high performance equipment and inspection machines are available.
We also set up the system with the integrated CAD/CAM equipment to be able to meet various requests and short lead time service.




Production technology

Production management


Equipment List

As of May 23, 2017

Machining Center

Name Manufacturer Qty X * Y * Z
NMV3000 DCG (5-axis machining) DMG MORI 2 600*400*400
YBM640 YASUDA 1 600*400*400
ROBODRILL α-T21iFa FANUC 1 500*400*330
NMV3000 DCG (5-axis high-precision AWC) DMG MORI 1 500*350*510
NV4000 (Maximum Speed20000min⁻¹) DMG MORI 1 600*400*400
NV5000 DMG MORI 1 800*510*510
MV-50E DMG MORI 1 1000*500*450
FRONTIER-M DMG MORI 1 550*410*400
M300 (2pallet) DMG MORI 1 400*300*450

High-speed Spindle Tool (micromachining)

Name Manufacturer Qty rotational frequency
Air Turbine Spindle BIG DAISHOWA SEIKI 1 50,000min⁻¹

CNC Automatic Lathe (Guide Bush)

Name Manufacturer Qty diameter/z
Cincom L20XII CITIZEN 1 φ20
Cincom C16VII CITIZEN 1 φ16
Cincom L20E CITIZEN 1 φ20
Cincom L20X CITIZEN 1 φ20

NC lathe

Name Manufacturer Qty diameter/z
AL-2 DMG MORI 1 φ200 / 420
SL-25 DMG MORI 1 φ250 / 420
SL-25M DMG MORI 1 φ250 / 420
SL20 DMG MORI 1 φ40/ 400

NC surface grinding machine

Name Manufacturer Qty
PSG-63DXNCF Okamoto 1


Name Manufacturer Qty
TOPsolid Kodama Corporation 1
TOPcam Kodama Corporation 1
AutoCAD LT 2018 Autodesk 4

Inspection Machine

Name Manufacturer Qty
Imaging measuring IM-7020 KEYENCE 1
Height Plane measuring HM-1200 KEYENCE 1
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