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We, Endo Manufacturing Co.,Ltd recognize the value of the personal info received from the stakeholders.
We protect this info as a principal of our business scheme and important aspect of our management.

We obey the principal policy and extend to all employees to provide the confidence, safety and trust to you.

1. Principal policy

  1. We obey the Personal information protection law and related law and rule.
    We also make a company rule for the Personal information protection system to implement, maintain and improve.
  2. We generate the control program of the Personal information protection system and this is strictly controlled by the management and all employees.
  3. We treat the Personal information under the disclosure of purpose of use to the customers.
    We do not disclose this to the third party without the approval from the customers or fair reasons.
  4. We keep updated of the Personal information with accuracy and control the prevention of injustice access, leakage, destruction and any harm.
    We also improve the information security to continue.
  5. We take immediate actions to the inquiry related the Personal information and request of disclosure.

April 1,2010
Satoshi Endo, President and CEO

2. Purpose of use of the Personal information

We declare the purpose of use of the Personal information and utilize the info within the declaration.
If we need to extend the info over the declaration, we inform the customers to get approval in advance.
Followings are the list of purpose of use of the Personal information

  1. Personal information related to the customers
    • Agenda and meeting minutes with the customers.
    • Shipment of products and documentation.
    • Guidance of corporate service and event
    • Info of customer support and maintenance
    • Response to the inquiry and consultation
    • Membership service
    • Service development, Questionnaire and monitoring
    • Contracting

3. Acquiring of the Personal information

We fairly and legally acquire the Personal information

4. Handling the Personal information

  1. We do not disclose the Personal information to the third party except
    1. Approval from the customer
    2. Comply with the law
    3. To protect human life, body and property
    4. To accomplish the purpose and consignment of the Personal information
    5. In case of merger, corporate separation and transfer of business
  2. We may disclose the Personal information(company name, address and contact number) to the subsidiary company if necessary.
    In this case, the customers have a right to request suspension of this to disclose.

5. Inquiry of the Personal information

Please refer the inquiry format with regards to the disclosure, amendment and deletion of the Personal information

6. Others

1. Access information
In order to provide better service, we may acquire the access log and not affect the Personal Information
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In order to use this service efficiently, we use Cookie.
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